Photo credit: David Thrift

This review of the Remarkable 2 E-Ink Paper-tablet is written by David Thrift, a proud and productive owner of one of these devices. This review covers my first 10 days of thoughts about the tablet and using it since it was received on Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 through use on Friday, April 23rd, 2021.


(1.) It is heavier than I had anticipated it to be. It’s not too heavy to be uncomfortable for use though.

(2.) The battery depletes quickly while in use and doing a lot of writing.

(3.) The basic white Remarkable 2 stylus seems comfortable to hold over extended periods of use. I like the length of the stylus. It’s longer than most average ink pens, which makes it give a longer area to grip when writing, and I find that I enjoy that. Writing with it on the Remarkable 2 tablet does have a very paper-like feel that is advertised. I do not feel cheated by not purchasing the more costly stylus that has an eraser sensor on it. I am happy enough using the on-screen “undo” button, and the eraser options on the tablet. I love the writing sound that the stylus makes on the tablet.

(4.) The Remarkable 2 tablet has more glare on it’s screen than I was expecting. It’s very bothersome at times. The tablet is much easier to see with less glare when viewing in natural light outdoors than it is when indoors with room lighting.

(5.) The Remarkable 2 has a copy/paste feature that I really love. It’s great for drawing ocons and small pictures that can be copied and pasted on other pages. For example, I like to make small drawing and then copy/paste them onto new notebook cover pages to add decoration.

(6.) I bought the gray book style folio, and I like it, but it is not good for protecting the Remarkable 2 tablet in case of falls. I recommend a zipper closure tablet case to put the folio along with the tablet into when on the go.


I wrote my initial review notes about this tablet on the tablet. Here is my review draft in my handwriting as it was written to give an example of the pdf exporting power the Remarkable 2 tablet has.


I abandoned notebooks and handwriting (mostly) years ago when smartphones started becoming mainstream devices. Then along came cloud storage services and the convenience of accessing notes and documents from any smart device.

I was very skeptical about the Remarkable 2 tablet, but I had been eyeballing it and drooling over it for months after it started selling.

I wanted one, but I didn’t think that I would actually find any real uses for it.

Boy was I wrong, and I’m so glad I took the initiative to invest in buying one for myself.

With the Remarkable 2, I am rewriting old journal entries so that I can keep the content, but toss out the paper – after running it through a shredder first.

I’ve created a notebook for drawing practice.

I use the tablet for blogging notes, and to-do lists.

I created a grass cutting journal to keep up with the days I’ve cut my grass.

I am writing notes and to-do lists found on pieces of paper scatter all around my home, and I am eliminating clutter.

I find myself grabbing my Remarkable 2 tablet to jot down notes and lists more often these days.

The Remarkable 2 tablet has made carrying a “notebook” and handwriting fun and productive for me again.


The Remarkable 2 tablet is not a cheap device, however if you are someone who does a lot of handwriting for work, or for personal use such as journaling, or you are a student who needs a simple, but dependable device for note-taking, then yes I recommend this tablet. I am someone who didn’t think this tablet would be useful, but now I don’t want to live without it. For the benefit of being able to write all of my handwritten notes I had scattered around my home into this tablet, and then get rid of the clutter, that is enough for me to recommend this awesome tablet. Bear in mind that this tablet is designed more for writing than it is for reading documents on, however it does a great job for reading documents (and/or marking them up) if you need to.


This is the end of this review for now. I will be updating this review as time goes by on whether or not this tablet continues to be a great asset to my productivity routine, and also to fill in some resources that could be useful for anyone considering to purchase one of these tablets.

You can get your own at

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